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StartUp Zero is an innovation and entrepreneurship project focused on the transition to the circular economy that combines the acceleration of circular business models by design to create market value, with the empowerment of consumers starting with young people from the 3rd cycle onwards.

BeirInov proposes to ensure sustainability in the value chain of stuffed products, including smoked and cooked, from the Serra da Estrela region. This combines two aspects of sustainability, in the product (elimination of chemical preservatives) and in the packaging (100% recyclable film). CECOLAB leads the Research Line: Sustainability and Ecodesign of the Supply Chain and Life Cycle Assessment, transversal to all activities.

Development of a new bio-PLA extrusion equipment, with simultaneous injection of bioactive compounds, in a modular way, for the production of flexible single and multilayer biofunctional films for food packaging. CECOLAB, as the leading promoter, will be responsible for the Ecodesign and circularity performance (beginning and end of life) and functionality of the line for the market (efficiency in increasing shelf life, resulting from the use of bioactive extracts).

CIIM-Circular Innovation Inter-Municipality: Circular tools and dynamic approach to increase the efficiency of macroeconomic metabolisms, for the development of an initiative to promote entrepreneurship in the Circular Economy.

The project WinBio - "Waste&Interior&Bioeconomy", aims to enhance the economic value of R&D results and reinforce the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the business sector of the interior territories within the scope of the Circular and Sustainable Bioeconomy.

EcoDesign Tools

CECOLAB has at its disposal software certified in accordance with ISO 14040 and 14044 standards, based on the concepts of the Lifecycle and Material Flow Analysis.
The Software is accompanied by the Ecoinvent database with more than 18000 life cycle inventories.

Increased resource efficiency and improved environmental performance through efficient management of material and energy flow

Optimal solutions to reduce resource and energy consumption and optimize the environmental performance of your products

ACV for calculating all environmental impacts and cost accounting (e.g. life cycle costing & MFCA) with ecological assessment

intellectual property

National Invention Patent n.º 117908: Construction of sustainable modular buildings from end-of-life wind turbines, promoting the circular economy and the concept of “zero waste”.

International Patent of Invention No. PCT/IB2021/062390: Masonry system that includes a modular primary masonry unit with final coating and thermal and acoustic insulation, with several derivations (e.g. RCD recovery). The masonry system guarantees the construction of a wall with a final finish, and simultaneous thermal and acoustic insulation. The present patent already has a prototype developed (TRL4).


CECOLAB develops market-oriented innovation activities, focusing on the development of new products, processes and services, aiming to:

Become an international reference for the knowledge development and for the implementation of solutions in the circular economy sector

Place products and services on the market that increase the efficiency of mass and energy flows in the focus innovation chains

Increase synergies between different entities (industrial symbiosis) and increase the network cooperation to gain international competitiveness

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CECOLAB plays a leading and accelerating role in the development and transfer of knowledge and technologies to the market, Investors can count on an institution dedicated to the development of innovative products and services to face the challenges and drive the transition from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy. Investing in innovation for the Circular Economy means investing in the future of Society and the Planet. CECOLAB has a department dedicated to investor relations.