CECOLAB Association - Collaborative Laboratory Towards Circular Economy, is a private, non-profit institution,

headquartered in Oliveira do Hospital, in the Central region of Portugal. Founded in 2020, the Association started its activities in

February 2020, having in its genesis the process of recognition of excellence of the national initiative from the Ministry of

Science, Technology and Higher Education, called CoLAB.



The initiative thus intended to contribute to the creation of qualified scientific employment oriented towards research and innovation with the creation of environmental, economic and social value.

Recognized as a scientific and research infrastructure of national strategic interest, for the coordination of the National network in Circular Economy, the CECOLAB Association is an integral part of the National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures of National Strategic Interest - Order No. 4157/2019.





To develop sustainable market solutions in a Circular Economy model for strategic national value chain, with high repercussion effect on other chain values of Portuguese economy.



To support the transition from a linear economy model to (i) a more responsible economy towards resources and people, (ii) more efficient in its life cycle, (iii) developing and transferring knowledge and technology to the market, (iv) with the creation of scientific jobs, and (v) assuming Portugal's leadership and position in the Circular Economy.




Business Centre
Rua Nossa Senhora da Conceição, 2

Para mais questões sobre o CECOLAB
Email: circular@cecolab.pt
Phone: (+351) 238 011 400


General Assembly

President - Representative of the Portuguese Catholic University

1st Secretary - Representative of Aquitex - Acabamentos Químicos Têxteis, S.A.

2nd Secretary - Representative of the University of Minho



Permanent Executive Board of Directors

President - Representative of BLC3 Evolution

Vice-President - Representative of the University of Aveiro

Member - Representative of the University of Porto



Members of the Executive Board of Directors in the first two years of term:


Member - Representative of the Welding and Quality Institute

Member - Representative of LIPOR



Members of the Executive Board of Directors in the last two years of mandate:


Member - Representative of the National Energy and Geology Laboratory

Member - Representative of Mota Engil



Non-Executive Board Members


1st Member - RAIZ Representative

2nd Member - Representative of Universidade Nova de Lisboa



Supervisory Board


1st Member - Representative of the University of Coimbra

2nd Member - Society of Statutory Auditors or Statutory Auditor to be defined

3rd Member - Law Firm or Lawyer to be defined





CECOLAB, the Collaborative Laboratory (CoLAB) for the Circular Economy, develops activities aimed at a set of innovation chains, selected for their relevance in the national socioeconomic fabric and with an international impact.


Innovation Value Chains:

·         Forest

·         Agroindustrial

·         Urban Residues

·         Water

·         Manufacture Industry

·         Construction

·         Servitization


CECOLAB’s activities are based on three Technological Platforms:

·         Industrial Biotechnology

·         Sustainable Separation Processes and Green Chemistry; and

·         Ecodesign.






Coordination of the Portuguese National Infrastructure Network for the Circular Economy (Order nº 4157/2019)


Order No. 4157/2019

«National Infrastructure Network for the circular economy, as a collective and concerted response, through initiatives that promote research

interdisciplinary and intersectoral, including the development of the circular bioeconomy and biotechnology, as provided for in the National Reform Plan (PNR), as well as the advancement of knowledge of the next generation of biomolecules and unleashing high added value commercial potential, in order to allow integration effective participation in research activities in circular economy being promoted at European level, to be coordinated by the Collaborative Laboratory for the Circular Economy, (...)



Portuguese Roadmap of Research Infrastructures – 2020 Update FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia



CECOLAB aims to grow in networks and guarantee international competitiveness, changing the paradigm of networking at the national level.This paradigm shift if visible in the  investiment in the creation as on the dynamization of existing networks within the scope of the Circular Economy, and from the National Collaborative Laboratories to Government Entities and Companies.


Network collaboration and promoting this spirit is a basic principle of CECOLAB.


Network Participation:


SMART WASTE PORTUGAL – associated http://m.smartwasteportugal.com/pt/


PORTUGUESE PLASTICS PACT– institucional member http://m.smartwasteportugal.com/pt/atividades/pacto-portugues-para-os-plasticos/