Subject: Hiring of Highly Qualified Human Resources

                    Call: CENTRO-59-2018-23

Typology: Emprego altamente qualificado nas empresas – Contratação de Recursos Humanos Altamente Qualificados

ME ou CoLAB)

                    Operacional program: Centro 2020

                    Funding: Fundo Social Europeu (FSE)


CECOLAB develops market-oriented innovation activities, focusing on the development of new products, processes and services, aiming to:


·         Become an international reference for the knowledge development and for the implementation of solutions in the circular economy sector;

·         Place products and services on the market that increase the efficiency of mass and energy flows in the focus innovation chains; and

·         Increase synergies between different entities (industrial symbiosis) and increase the network cooperation to gain international competitiveness.



CECOLAB plays a leading and accelerating role in the development and transfer of knowledge and technologies to the market. Investors can count on an institution dedicated to the development of innovative products and services to face the challenges and drive the transition from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy. Investing in innovation for the Circular Economy means investing in the future of Society and the Planet. CECOLAB has a department dedicated to investor relations.